Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Lothlorien update

It's been a pretty quiet sort of a week - not a lot to report. I suspect all the big guns are still recovering from San Diego's ComicCon, and perhaps dealing with the premiere of District 9, which was screened last night at the Park Road Post Production facilities in Miramar, and tonight at the Embassy Theatre (the same place that had the ROTK premiere on Dec 1, 2003) before going on general release.

One thing I did hear though, was that the destroyed bridge at Lothlorien will undergo its repairs starting from next week. It looks like we're going to have an identical bridge again!

As you can see, the support struts are still standing (although a bit crooked), and the offending tree has been completely removed. We have started returning to Fernside (which also doubled as the Gladden Fields) again a little while ago ago, so if you were holding off visiting until it opened again - wait no more, our operators are standing by to take your call! :)

I'll go in next week with a camera when the repairs start, so you can all see the progress as it happens.

- Jack M.


  1. Hey Jack,
    I'm impressed you knew about the Park Road screening! My mates had tickets and reported that it went down extremely well with the crowd.

    You could also do a shout out to the Weta workshop constructed iceberg that is now floating in the Harbour. (see today's Dom Post)

    Keep up the blogging, I love it!

  2. @Laura:

    I make it my business to know, hehe..

    Good point about the Iceberg story - I took a quick photo but it was on the cellphone with no zoom lens. I'll stick the link on my Facebook or Twitter accounts tonight.

    See you on the road!

    - Jack

  3. Why would anyone willingly destroy a bridge at Lothlorien?!

  4. @Anonymous :

    I'm sure nobody would do that - check my earlier post on the damage:

    It was the storm that did it... A tree fell on it.

    - Jack