Sunday, 30 August 2009

Tom Cruise won't be Bilbo Baggins (but he might be Guy Gibson)

After all the hype of last week's Tom Cruise visit to Peter Jackson, it looks like the panic has settled down - Tom Cruise isn't going to be playing Bilbo Baggins.

After all, wouldn't he be meeting with Guillermo del Toro instead of Peter Jackson if that were the case? And then the meeting could've just taken place in Australia, where a del Toro production (Don't be afraid of the dark, which is also co-written by him) is being filmed featuring Tom's wife Katie Holm. There would have been no New Zealand meeting necessary.

My sources tell me something else though - Tom Cruise looks tipped for the role of Wing Commander Guy Gibson (played in the 1955 movie by Richard Todd) in Peter Jackson's upcoming remake of The Dambusters. The character of Guy Gibson would be an attractive role for Cruise - if nothing else it would him back to flying planes from Miramar again.

Take a look at these two photos - there's enough resemblance to make it a likely choice.

It'll be interesting to see how accurate my source is - he's been dead-on more than a few times over the time I've known him.

  - Jack M


  1. Please, no. I know he's a big name and it would probably help the finances but ... no. It would totally ruin it for me.

  2. I don't know - it wouldn't be a bad choice. I'm not a big fan of TC but I think he wouldn't be bad for the role... he's that sort of old fashioned gung-ho young gun who could pull it off, I think.

    If nothing else, it would mean he won't intrude on The Hobbit... ;)

    Why would it ruin Dambusters for you?

    - Jack

  3. Perhaps the meeting was about the financing of the HOBBIT, because after Harry Sloan gave up his CEO-position at MGM the budget situation of the hobbit is not longer clear. And Tom Cruise owns United Artist, a a subsidiary of MGM (BTW: J.R.R. Tolkien sold the movie rights for the Hobbit to United Artists back in 1969). Perhaps they chatted about how to rescue MGM or to back the budgets of upcoming movies. At the moment both are concerned about this.

  4. @Cirdan

    Ah... I don't think I knew TC owned UA... nice analysis.

    It wouldn't exclude the possibility of him playing in Dambusters though... perhaps a double agenda...?

    Or maybe, as PJ's spokesperson claimed, he was just here for a cup of coffee... I've had the coffee in Australia - Wellington is definitely better... (ducks)

  5. Oh thank the STARS he's not gonna play Bilbo!!!!!

    There's a rumour going around that they've already decided on the Bilbo casting. Am I the only one skeptical?

  6. Hey , howsit. No not a comment on TC ; I always liked him better when he was younger. I guess his credibility went out the window for me personally when he started following a religious cult made up by a sci-fi writer. Oops , I think I did make a comment on TC after all...
    I wanted to answer your question from the beginning of August , about the witch king costume I made for the party. I dismantled the whole fake shoulder , cape attached to silver-sprayed knitting-to-look-like chain maille. I still have the plastic skull , which I had covered with thin wet leather , which was then ripped to resemble peeling skin with horse hair attached, and a paper crown. It was a cool party!! Weird how people talked to the skull on top of my head , because they couldn't see my face inside the fake shoulders.
    Enjoy your first days of Spring!

  7. Did you ever think that when they say "it's just a social visit", that that's all it could be?

  8. @Elmtree (aka my sister!)

    Yeah, the scientology angle always freaked me out as well... Mind you, I'm a pastafarian myself - so Ramen to that!

    Will you be wearing the Witchking costume again for the next fancydress party?

    - Jack M.

    PS - email me your email address? I don't seem to have it.

  9. @Anonymous :

    A social visit? Novel concept. Nope, can't say that's occurred to me.

    Hint - this is a "rumours" blog, not a "completely-boring-visit-where-famous-people sit-around-drinking-a-cup-of-tea-and-nothing-else" blog.

    In my highly educated opinion, Tom Cruise came to New Zealand with multiple agendas, all of which were secret and hidden. Definitely.

    He may well be looking to buy New Zealand.

    - Jack M.