Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Photos of the new Displays at the Weta Cave (and taking requests for more!)

A little while ago I mentioned I would put some more photos up of the new museum displays at the Weta Cave, which for various reasons I haven't got around to yet.

The new layout, as I guessed, retains the ghost dog from "The Frighteners", while they've added Gimli's scale puppet, as well as the huge handgun from "Hellboy". Also, the green and red faces I suspected were from either "Hercules" or "Xena", turned out to be in fact, from "Hercules", so that was a lucky guess.

On top of that, there are now new displays on Narnia's "Prince Caspian", "King Kong", "Indiana Jones 4", and of course, "Lord Of The Rings".

Unfortunately, I didn't have a lot of time the last few times I was there (too busy answering my guests' questions, probably), but I did take this quick snap of one (two, actually) of the displays.

As you can see, the left display features an Elven suit of armour, while the right shows a little chap I've named Elijah Wooden. He was a great horse rider, as well as being an expert boatsman(boatshobbit?). The huge gauntlet behind him was used by the black riders when reaching for the "actual" Elijah Wood.

The Weta Cave has given me express permission to feature some more photos on this blog, so if there's any requests from anyone not currently in New Zealand.

Choices available:
  • More close-ups of Gimli Stunt Puppet
  • More close-ups of Frodo's Stunt Puppet
  • Close-ups of Elven Armour
  • LOTR Weaponry (swords, bows, arrows, etc)
  • The new mini-shields (maybe revealing the brooch-pins on the back)
  • Gollum
  • Lurtz
  • The lovely female Orc (as yet nameless)
  • The Chainmaille display, with the original chainmaille making device
  • Something from another movies?
Let me know, I'll be going in again later this week, so be quick!


  1. How 'bout the Gimli stunt puppet? I didn't know he had more than one double!

  2. Female orc?? that sounds interesting. i would definetly like to see more details on any armor made for the movie. The costumes are so realistic!!!


  3. I'd always vote for more elven armour or LOTR weaponry (I'm female, by the way, but I love the LOTR weapons).

  4. We wants it, we needs it! *Gollum, Gollum!*

  5. Hi there. I think that if you have photos of all this material... Why doesnt show us everything? Have you consider opening an account in flicker?

    Thanx and greetings from spain.

  6. Hello,

    Anything LOTR would be great for me. I'm a huge fan of "Hercules" (it's still my favorite show) so if you could post a pic of anything from "Hercules" I'd be very happy! Thanks! I still can't believe WETA didn't win any awards for their work on the show.

  7. Ok, thanks everyone for the responses - I'm going back on Sunday with a camera, hopefully I'll get a chance to grab some shots then. I'm not sure how much time I'll have but I'll do my best... :)

    I don't have the photos yet - but I will have soon, so if you have any requests, you have one more day...