Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Worser Bay School (in Miramar) auctioning off Weta Collectible

Got this information from Miramar Mike
Mike Riversdale said...
As you probably know Worser Bay School here in Miramar is having it's annual fair on Sun 1st Nov (11am-2pm) and along with the circus theme there is a "silent auction". "So?", I hear you say - well, one prize (to be given out at 1pm) is: "King Kong Bookends personally signed by Richard Taylor" Thought that might interest you and your (local) readers :-)
Looks indeed pretty interesting. The fair is always a great affair - I remember that a few years ago one of the ROTK Oscar winners who had a child at the school was offering the opportunity to get photographed with an Oscar for $5 or something like that. Seemed like an excellent way to raise funds for the school!
I'm not quite sure what a "silent auction" entails but if you're local to the area, don't miss this chance to do some good for the community while at the same time running a good chance to pick up a fantastic collectible!

Unfortunately, I'm going to miss it as I'll be moving house that day, which will entail a lot of floor scrubbing if I want to see my bond back. Never mind - maybe next year!

There's more information on the school's website.

  - Jack M.


  1. *pat pat* It's alright, you'll have more chances to pick up collectibles! Cheer up! Besides all that scrubbing is good for you, elbow grease gives you muscle.

    ~ Melissa [oct 18th wellington tour]

  2. @Melissa:

    *sob* I missed out.... :(

    On the plus side, I found all my own collectibles back in their boxes, and none of them were broken after the move... phew!

    - Jack M.

    PS - nice to see you here! Hope you enjoyed your trip?