Thursday, 22 October 2009

Update : Chocolate Fish Cafe has re-opened!

Another "little" item I'd not yet written up was the fact that on the 16th of November, 2009, the world famous Chocolate Fish Cafe re-opened its doors. Or at least, found some new doors to open. The location is at Shelly Bay Airforce Base, as I previously mentioned.

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The relaunch was delayed several times - originally it was to be near the start of October, but that was shifted back to October 9th. On the 9th, however, all we found was a rather large green Thing, ...

...and a sign delaying the opening to another approximate date.

The approximate date thing no doubt was weather related - we've had some pretty horrible conditions in the last few weeks, although it looks like it's fining up again somewhat.

So we drove past again a few days later, but nothing yet - finally on the 17th we were met with success, and had missed the re-opening by a day or so. Oh well, so much for being the first through the doors! :)

The limitations of the place are immediately apparent - there's no proper kitchen so they are restricted for the time being in what they can prepare. Almost all the menu items are grilled or barbecued, and all the coffees are served in paper cups to cut down on dishwashing.

The coffee was great though - I don't know what it is about the coffee from there, whether it's the type of coffee they use, or the way they make it, or that particular barrista, or whatever, but I reckon I could pick out the Choc Fish coffee out of ten random coffees. Even in a paper cup.

And yes, they still serve the little chocolate fishies with selected coffees. They're not Aiko's favourites, so generally I get both of them, which my sweet tooth does appreciate.

Before I go, can I just draw your attention to the awesome chair that I "happened" to sit on? In case you don't recognise it (and shame on you if you don't!), here's the back of it as well...

Make sure you visit this awesome cafe when you're in Wellington next. Once you finish your coffee, there's a movie prop factory/warehouse just 30 meters away, and they do tours there as well, so it's all in keeping with the Wellywood spirit!

  - Jack M.


  1. I went to the cafe that now resides where once the Chocolate Fish was. I know it's not the same but at least it's in the same place. It's called the 'Scorch O Rama (I think).It's a nice place. I will definitely go there again before I return to the UK.
    BTW it was great meeting you at last, Jack.

  2. @Ruth:

    I really enjoyed meeting you and John as well! If you're still in town, I'd love to try the scorch-o-rama with you if you've got time! Email me?

    I'm hoping the Scorcho gets a bit better this summer than they were a few months ago - service was slow and inadequate then, but maybe they've got more staff now.

    - Jack

  3. I've emailed you, Jack. Hope to see you soon. I'm not sure about the Scorcho service. John and I went on the Monday of the long weekend and it was packed solid.It was a nice atmosphere though.