Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Weta favourite cafe Eva Dixon's gone, replaced by The Larder

It's not been a good period for local Wellington Cafe's - first the Lyall Bay Maranui Cafe burns down, then I hear Eva Dixon's has closed down.

Bit of background - Eva Dixon's is right around the corner from the Weta Workshop, and specifically the Weta Cave (probably more relevant to visitors to NZ). It was often frequented by pretty much everyone at Weta at one time or another. One senior Weta Animator, Jason Schleifer, talked about it as "the Weta Cafetaria".

Originally named after the two streets it was located on (Eva Street and Dixon Street), there's been a few of them around town - including one at the Wellington Zoo, which closed its doors earlier this year. I'm still trying to ascertain whether there's an Eva Dixon's Cafe still open somewhere. None of my phone numbers are being picked up but I may just have called at a bad time.

The good news (for coffee lovers, anyway) - the premises have been turned into a new cafe called The Larder, which also serves lunches (no idea of the quality yet as I haven't been there - expect a report soonish), as well as the prerequisite coffee. The new owners, Jacob and Sarah, are ready to serve the crew again, and have been doing so for the past two weeks or so, apparently!

I'm guessing The Larder will become famous as The Hobbit Cafe in the next year or two. You heard it here first. :)

- Jack M.


  1. NOOOO! Not Eva Dixon's! I lived in Miramar three years ago, and Eva Dixon's was my hangout. Oh, man, their raspberry brownies.

  2. I got in just in time, it seems. Wasn't that where we hung out for a bit with Mark before heading to the Cave?

  3. @Anonymous :
    There is hope still - I'm hearing murmurs that they've simply moved, possibly into Wellington Central. I'll update shortly, hopefully.

    @Ryan :
    Yup, in the nick of time! And yes, that's where the two of us had coffee with Mark.

    You should come back soon, btw - the Weta Cave has completely updated its museum displays, with lots more goodies than before. I'll blog on that soon too. :)

    - Jack

  4. No! I just left from working there! John and Kerie were in the middle of redecorating the place when I left in January. Oh I'll never get to have that awesome White wine and asparagus risotto again.