Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Vague rumour - Spielberg in town?

This one is no more than a vague rumour - apparently Steven Spielberg has been spotted in town in the last week. I've heard mutterings from at least two people at this stage, but only one of them is vaguely reliable.

It could quite possibly be true since he would probably drop in to the post production facilities at Park Road Post from time to time, to see how Tintin is getting on. However, I've not got any quotes from anyone, nor any indication of when he was here exactly. The problem with Peter Jackson's studios is that they are about a 5 minute drive away from the Wellington Airport, and he could come and go without ever seeing the open air (except for the carpark at the studio, for all of 30 seconds). If he wanted to NOT be seen, it would be very easy to do.

So (as always), in the event of it not being true, pretend you never read it here. :)

What does this have to do with LOTR of The Hobbit? Um, nothing really. Just thought I'd mention it.

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