Monday, 1 June 2009

Hobbit Photo on Mt Victoria

A few days ago I received a FaceBook Friend request from Mallory from South Africa, who's been on one of my tours. At one point during the tour (on Mount Victoria), I used her camera for a cool technique called (among other things) "forced perspective".

Basically, it's the same technique Peter Jackson used to turn Elijah Wood (5'6") into Frodo (3'6").

I don't usually get to see the result of the photo I take (since it's always on other people's cameras), so it was nice to see the picture on her FaceBook Gallery. I thought I'd post her photo here (after checking with her first, obviously!).

The photo was with about 30 seconds preparation, of two people who didn't really know what I was doing, with me using an unfamiliar cameras, and with no digital enhancements afterwards (ie, it's just as easy to do it with a 35mm film camera).

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