Thursday, 4 June 2009

Heh! I wonder if fame will change me...!

Awesome! Looks like my little blog has been picked up by :) Apparently my rumours were more detailed than their rumours...

When all is said and done, of course, they still remain rumours. The fact is, Viggo spoke to my contact, but does actually mean that he will appear in The Hobbit? The comments on my earlier post talk about scenes that were filmed for LOTR but never made it into that movie - there's always a good chance that new scenes filmed by Viggo Mortensen won't make it into The Hobbit either.

As a good friend of mine once remarked, "nothing is certain until you're sitting in the cinema watching it". And of course, even that's not true, what with PJ's habbit of making extended versions!


  1. Very cool, Jack! We've picked up on your bit of news too at ... I expect most Tolkien sites will be picking up on the things you have to say.

    I'm going to be making my way to NZ later this year or next year (at the latest)--hope to look you up on a tour then!

    I'd love to feature more of your rumours on The One Ring -- can you email me at


  2. Thanks for the link, Jonathan. Check your email! :)

    - Jack M

  3. Hey!... you mus be good if TORN picked your page up!...
    i'm begoming a fan of you blog now!...

    Keep us posted! please!!...
    Best regards from México!... :)

  4. hahahahaa just re-read my comments.. lots of writing errors there.. sorry! :#)

  5. I just found this:

    "Kelly Fri, Jun 12, 2009 at 10:33 AM EST

    I read somewhere that the script for the Hobbit would include additional scenes only briefly alluded to in the book - mostly involving Gandalf and the White Council battling Sauron (Necromancer). These scenes use the appendices in LOTR as source material. Hence allowing enough content for two films, and potential to feature characters (and actors)from LOTR that do not appear in the book The Hobbit. This includes Galadriel (Blanchet?), Saruman (Lee?) and even Aragorn."

    It is one of the bloggers comments in resonse to this article:

    Could it be that Aragorn WILL appear in The Hobbit?

    In regards to this: "there's always a good chance that new scenes filmed by Viggo Mortensen won't make it into The Hobbit either.", personally I doubt very seriously they would go to the trouble to shoot "secret" scenes of Aragorn and Arwen if they don't intend on including some of them in the story...however I guess ANYTHING is possible...

  6. Oh, yeah, and congrats on your TORN affiliation! :-)

  7. @Abbybell

    Thanks for your comments... My expectation for the two movies has changed since PJ and GDT announced that instead of having a Hobbit movie and a Bridge movie (ie, the missing years between End-Of-The-Hobbit to Start-of-LOTR), to a more simple approach of "Hobbit 1" and "Hobbit 2".

    Originally I also thought that in Film 2, they might have the White Council (incl Galadriel, Elrond, Beorn, Saruman and Gandalf) battle against the Necromancer (Sauron), and drive him out of Mirkwood into Mordor.

    Now I'm not so sure. There's already one big battle scene at the end of F2 now, the Battle of Five Armies, and to start that movie with a large battle wouldn't make for a very fun movie (unless you like large battles, obviously).

    My guess is, it may even be referenced at the end of the first movie.

    On the other hand, I expect that when Guillermo del Toro talked recently about a "very obvious break point" between the two movies, he was talking about when Gandalf leaves the Bilbo and the Dwarfs at the start of Mirkwood.

    We'll just have to see - I've heard nothing juicy on the grapevine yet.

    - Jack M.

  8. Great blog! It would be wonderful if Viggo and other original cast members could appear in upcoming movies.

  9. @Elvenstar

    Thanks for your support :) Glad you're enjoying my little corner of the web... hehe...

    I think we'll know more about the new cast in the coming few weeks... Elrond just got confirmed, Gandalf and Gollum were already there... Aragorn is all but certain... Bilbo is about to be announced... I'm still holding out for word on Legolas and Gimli!

    Exciting times... again!

    - Jack M.