Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Exclusive! Name of The Hobbit production company revealed!

A very interesting piece of news I heard a few days ago, and had confirmed by at least two people tonight at the Guillermo del Toro book signing event at the Weta Cave - the name of the production company that has been set up by Peter Jackson in order to create the new movie.

To explain that a bit better - as I understand it, production companies typically make one movie and then disappear. If the movie is a bomb, the film maker can go on to make other movies, while the company that made it goes under. It's essentially an accounting trick - the company owns nothing, as everything is rented to them; and nobody works permanently for them, as everyone is contracted to them.

Usually, the company name is a slightly frivolous one, often only obscurely significant. King Kong was filmed by "Big Primate Pictures", Harry Potter was filmed by "1492 Ltd" (1492 being the year that Columbus sailed the oceans blue, and the movie directed by Chris Columbus), while Lord of the Rings was made by 3'6" Ltd, being the average height of a hobbit.

Film canister from Lord Of The Rings.
Sometimes you get lucky in local second hand shops.

And the new name for the production company that will make The Hobbit? Drum roll please...

3'7" Ltd.

Ok, a bit boring perhaps, but at least you heard it here first. :)

- Jack M.


  1. That was so funny, you set up the joke so well that I really did laugh out loud! And I needed a laugh this morning, so thank you.


  2. Shouldn't the name be 3'5" LTD as it is the prequel, so the hobbits should be shorter? LOL!

  3. And if they ever make a spinoff movie about Merry and Pippin, it's bound to be 3'8"... :)

    Actually, that's not a bad idea... spinoff movies! How about:

    The further adventures of Legolas and Gimli...!


    - Jack M.

  4. The further adventures of Legolas and Gimli...!

    Now that I would pay good money to see. LOL

  5. Brokeback Mount Doom?

    No, let's not even go there. ;)

    - certainly not Jack M.

  6. Any rumors on who the casting company will be?

  7. None yet - I'll post that as soon as I hear! I've heard that filming will begin around March 2010, but that date changes every few weeks at the moment so I'm not holding my breath.

    - Jack M.