Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Golden Globes for Wellywood

"Wellywood is fast becoming the new Hollywood, with the New Zealand film industry set to feature at the upcoming Oscars, after several films collected awards at a precursor ceremony."

Love that quote... Apart from the Golden Globes Awards, Wellywood is up for awards for Avatar, District 9, Lovely Bones - and kiwi girl Anna Paquin is doing pretty well also. She may not have won the Golden Globes, but getting that far (for the second time!) is one hell of an achievement! Well done, Anna!

UPDATE (Jan 20 2010):
Mark Sagar from Weta Digital gets some gold too! Congratulations to Weta and to Mark!

Ok, no Hobbit news here, move along, nothing to see.

  - Jack


  1. Hi Jack, I just read online that Toby Maguire has been signed to play Bilbo Baggins. Have you heard anything about this?

  2. Ruth:

    Certainly I've heard about that! In fact, it's been printed in every reputable paper, including here in NZ.

    It is, however, pertinently untrue. Let me quote Guillermo del Toro on it (he should know!) :

    Not True.


    And I love the way he signs off with the single letter "G", just like another famous wizard.

    - Jack

    PS - If anyone still believes that Spiderman would be chosen to fight spiders in Mirkwood, follow the link.

  3. Ah that explains it. The Sun printed it. If rher's one thing that The Sun isn't it's reputable :-) I didn't think it was true.