Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Poll 1 - The results for the first poll are here...

Voting for the first poll has closed, and I'm very pleased with the results - both in number of people voting, as well as the actual answers provided. I want to thank everyone who took the time to click on the poll. It's only a second of your time but I do read the results - if nothing else it shows me that someone's actually reading this blog!

The question was:
Have you visited Wellington's LOTR locations yet?

And 148 people answered it, with the following results:

64 (43%) - Not yet, but soon!
42 (28%) - Yes, loved it!
24 (16%) - No, and not planning on it.
18 (12%) - Yes, and Jack was my guide.

Apparently the readers here are not just people who have been on my tour then! Of the 148 people, only 24 people have no intention of coming, so the other 84% have either already been here or are planning to in the future! That's awesome!

I must make one small admission - my wife also voted, and yes, I was her guide. In all fairness, she wasn't my wife yet then - in fact I hadn't actually met her until she boarded the tourbus on that fateful morning... ;)

- Jack M.

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