Thursday, 28 May 2009

Wellington revisited

Had a delightful second breakfast this morning with Ryan and Jenifer Rasmussen who came on my tour almost exactly two years ago to the day, according to Ryan's blog. They're back in town for a short stint, having another good look around. They brought their newest family member Hawk this time, although at nine months old, he was still a little too young for the coffee.

Ryan has a knack for making lots of contacts very fast - last time he was here he managed to meet up with Jonathan King, who I've never yet met (much to my chagrin - I loved his Black Sheep movie! (Jonathan, if you're reading this - we're eagerly awaiting Black Sheep II!)

On his first trip, Ryan also tried to set up a meeting with Peter Jackson but had no success at the time. However, he appeared to get luckier back home in Pensylvania when PJ showed up virtually at his doorstep, to film The Lovely Bones in his hometown.

This time around, as I took him to the Weta Cave, we ran into Greg Broadmore, the man behind the world's best looking rayguns. Cool guy, cool job, cool guns. I "happen" to own three of them, so it's always nice to run into the twisted genius that created them.


  1. Greetings from sunny Nelson! I had a great time catching up last week, and it's fun to see my doings as part of your Wellington news. Just added your link to my blog's "Friends In Low Places" section--as opposed to my Scandinavian friends!

    Cheers, mate!

  2. Good to see you last week, mate - and glad I could show you the Weta Cave! Let me know when you're in town next, I have another favourite coffee haunt to take you to... :)

  3. We'll be back in Wellington tomorrow. We have a lot to see yet, but I'd love to check out another good coffee place! I'll let you know!