Friday, 1 May 2009

Welcome to the NZ Noldor blog

Hi, my name is Jack Machiela. I'm a Lord Of The Rings tourguide in Wellington, New Zealand - home of Peter Jackson and Weta Workshop. I've been showing hundreds of international LOTR fans around our region for the last five years - I started in 2003 with a company called Wellington Rover, and I'm currently working for another company here, Flat Earth Tours.

I think I've been running LOTR location tours for longer than anyone else in the world - if you think you can beat me there, I'm happy to be wrong, just let me know.

In my job I run across a lot of news and rumours, as well as lots of interesting people. Usually, I don't have anyone to share it with, so this blog should remedy that. The hobbit movies are approaching, so the level of local news and excitement should be increasing greatly in the months ahead.

I'm intending that this site is going to be full of useful (useless?) information to anyone in the Lord Of The Rings tourism industry here in Wellington (or anywhere else in New Zealand).

It might also be informative to anyone who's visited any of the Lord Of The Rings locations here in the country, or is planning to.

I will post any pertinent information that might relate to our little corner of Middle-earth. Im expecting that there won't be huge amounts of traffic here - maybe the best way to follow me is by RSS feed or something. Expect one or two entries a week, tops.

Feel free to post me some questions if you have any.

- Jack


  1. This is very Interesting, Good luck!
    Aaron N

  2. Hey, good to see you, Aaron! Yeah, I figured it was about time to start actually doing something with all those juicy rumours I keep hearing from everyone...!