Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Retraction - Laketown not located as previously reported

It appears that the previous rumour about Laketown having been found was incorrect. Although there is a large movie being filmed in the Duntroon-Kurow area, it is apparently NOT The Hobbit.

New information has come to me which suggests that it is in fact a movie called Mister Pip, which will star Hugh Laurie (from the TV hit series House and the classic Black Adder). Hugh Laurie has previously worked with Stephen Fry on a various projects, notably the comedy show A Bit Of Fry and Laurie.

Of note also is that Mister Pip is being directed by Andrew Adamson, who directed the best two Shrek movies (1 and 2), and the best two Narnia movies (1 and 2). Sounds like Mister Pip, (and any eventual sequel?) will be great (although I'd skip Mister Pip 3)...!

So, no Laketown location yet. That's what you get with rumours!

Keep them coming though! If you've heard anything else please drop me a line!

  - Jack M.

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