Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Another two possible locations?

I've heard two interesting but fairly non-specific location rumours from another source.

 To start with, some of the locals in Te Anau are reporting that some "Hobbit people" (their phrase, not mine!) are putting feelers out for mass accommodation in that area around Late November/Early December 2011. Does that mean they'll be out there filming around then? As far as I know, no actual bookings have been made anywhere, so "wait and see" is probably accurate......

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Also, apparently there's "something large" (movie set related) being set up near the town of Middlemarch, inland from Dunedin. The indications I'm getting is that this was also Hobbit related, but I couldn't get that confirmed. Middlemarch is approximately an hour drive from Dunedin, so it until some of these stories firm up, it's probably not worth anybody's time to get out there and investigate...

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So, nothing solid here at all, just the usual rumours and speculation! Nothing changes, in other words! :)

If anybody has heard any other rumours, please drop me a line!

  - Jack M.


  1. I saw a tweet from Stephen Fry yesterday and he mentioned watching the news about the stuff going on in the UK on NZ news, that must mean he is in NZ.


  2. Yes indeed - and from Luke Evan's tweets, I'd say the same thing is true for him.

    One of our guides ran into Stephen Fry on top of Mount Victoria, filming something (not Hobbit), and one of the dog-walking locals I spoke to yesterday said she had a quick talk to him as well.