Sunday, 26 June 2011

Welly-moot #3 was lots of fun - another success!

We got together today for the third Welly-moot, at the Embassy Theatre. It was a lot of fun, and some good discussions were held.

Around the table (clockwise from the left): Paul, Ryan, me, Moritz, Kristi, and Rachel. Aiko took the photo.

The group wasn't as big as I'd hoped, but there were some good reasons for it - the cold southerly probably deterred a few people from coming out (at least, it felt pretty cold to me but then I've just had a week in Darwin, Australia, so I'm possibly not the best judge at the moment). Also, it seems that the Wellington City Council had chosen today to make about 30 events (almost) free today - the zoo was free, the Wildlife Sanctuary was free, the council-sponsored city tourbus was free, etc. Hard to compete with that!

Various subjects came up, mostly Hobbit related, but also other movies - Avatar vs Fern Gully; Matrix vs Inception; Harry Potter vs Star Wars to name a few of the more heated discussions.

Kristi had details of a local Victoria University (hosted) course on Tolkien's elven language Quenya, and I may have more details about that in a few days. Also, of course, the Blu-Ray releases of the Extended Editions came up, and the sessions at both the Embassy as well as the Roxy theatres in town. Unfortunately due to my ill-timed vacation and the four day notice we got from the NZ suppliers I've missed both FOTR as well as TTT, but I should be able to make it to the ROTK, I hope.

One plan that was discussed was to have a local Marathon Session at one of our homes, with a projector and microwave popcorn. Maybe it's time to put a weekend aside soon, and invite as many as will fit into our lounge?

All in all, I think the Welly-moot was fun, and I look forward to our next one! The Embassy looks like a permanent venue for them. It's bigger, reasonably convenient to park close to, and of course very relevant - the LOTR parade photos still grace its walls!

Looking forward to seeing more people there next time though!

  - Jack


  1. Embassy WAS the home of LOTR but surely now The Roxy (Miramar) is the spiritual home of Wellywood / Weta / The Hobbitses ;-)

    If you ever meet at The Roxy I'm in ;-)

  2. Sorry Keryn and I didn't make it, we just plain forgot :/ I've got the extended edition bluray set winging it's way to me from Amazon UK at the moment, should arrive next week ;)

  3. Hi

    Been following your blog for a while and haven´t seen you write any more regarding extras. Do you think there will be any more extras casting?
    And if so is it worth going all the way from Sweden for this? Thinking about this autumn and next spring, I work in front of a computer all day long so I can basically go anywhere if it got internet. I really really want to be a part of the amazing taking part!

  4. (slowest replies ever!)

    Mike : We'd meet at the Roxy but it's (a) slightly out of town, making it difficult for some of the attendees, and (b) not too friendly to LOTR tourguides. We've not been told officially but we've been thrown out a few times, and I, for one, don't need the agro.

    Brendon : Next time, mate! :)

    RunningAlone : Coming over from Sweden without an actual job offer is a decision you'd have to make yourself - if I knew how to get onboard The Hobbit I already would be by now... still - if you DON'T come over, you certainly WON'T get in... :)

    - Jack