Saturday, 11 June 2011

Date finally set for Welly-moot #3 - June 26th.

After much deliberation (and some procrastination), I've finally decided on a date for the third Hobbit meeting - and a new venue as well.

The Embassy Cinema in 2003. The Fellbeast has since been decapitated by Eowyn. (photo (c) Jack Machiela)

For those who didn't attend the last few times, the Welly-moots are just a casual meeting of Hobbit fans from around the Wellington region (and the occasional Aucklander!). We meet up with the intent to discuss Hobbit related subjects but end up just getting together for a coffee and cake at a local cafe instead. The meetings are 95% social, and about 5% announcements. They are 100% fun, 110% chaos and occasionally the noise level goes up to eleven.

The details for this month's meeting are as follows:

Date : June the 26th, 2011
Time : 2:00pm
Location : Upstairs in the Embassy Cinema (10 Kent Terrace)
Bring : Hobbitty Rumours, and Money for Coffee

NB - the venue is yet to be has now been confirmed - it can still change.

 There is no agenda for these meetings - so far there have been minimal speeches, and only a few "formal" announcements of any type. I've had some giveaways in the past, but I haven't decided this time yet. The meetings are more a way for getting Hobbit fans together. We're all excited by Sir Peter Jackson's new movies!

There's no cover charge, although the venue will know we're coming this time (and will expect us to buy their coffees etc).

I would appreciate if you could RSVP via my Facebook page - that way I'll know if the venue has become too small again.

See you there!

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