Monday, 7 February 2011

Filmset in Rivendell, (not Hobbit)

I've heard from a few people that there will be some filming going on in the Kaitoke Regional Park, aka Rivendell. Although apparently swords will be used, it doesn't sound like it will be The Hobbit. I've pieced together some details, weeded out the stuff that sounded too fantastical or unlikely, and this is what I think is happening:

- Being filmed are the short movie interludes for a video game, to be shown between advancing levels of the game
- The game is called "The Monk", or "The Abbott", or something similar. I couldn't get anyone to tie that one down
- The park location will be used between the 16th and 19th of February
- The director will be Lee Tamahori, of James Bond and Once Were Warriors fame
- There will be swords, medieval tents, and horses
- Weta is involved, although I have no idea if that's Weta Digital or Weta Workshop, nor do I know at what level they'll be involved

And today, while on tour, we met up with Shane Rangi at Rivendell, who was doing some "reccing" (recconaissance) with some studio crew. He was very friendly, but appropriately tightlipped, of course :)  He did let slip that he'd be a part of the filming next week.

I have blogged about Shane in the past - check out this entry from March last year, where he was also scouting around the Rivendell area with a group of execs. Possibly it's about the same filmshoot?

If I see anything worthwhile next week, I'll be sure to post some pictures!


  1. From what I remember of Kaitoke Park it would make a good location for most kinds of movies.

  2. we were down there last night, totally unaware there was going to be filming there (just happened upon your blog while trying to find out what was being filmed!) the signs for the crew etc said "Cardinal", so maybe that's the name of the video game? I got some sneaky shots of the set they had up, but I'm at work and my camera is at home!

  3. Ruth,

    It sure is - they often film smaller things there. The earlier blog I did last year about the Train Crash movie was also there (last December? November?) and they made a few kids TV series there in the last few year as well.

    Did you see the filming taking place? All the cool guys with their cool ears? It was pretty awesome!

    - Jack

  4. Happychick:

    I just checked your blog-roll - you should check out my sister's blog... she's into arty crafty stuff as well...

    - Jack