Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Cameras rolling???

Wow, interesting phonecall I just had. One of my contacts called me, identified himself as one of Saruman's spies (no, really!), and told me about his day. He mentioned he'd just run into a friend of his, who met up with an actor friend who was in town this week. Oddly, this actor said she'd been on camera already, for the new PJ movie. A quick double take confirmed that it was none other than - The Hobbit!

Cameras rolling already??? What??!?

So keeping in mind you heard it here (first hand), I heard it from a spy (second hand), who heard it from an unnamed friend (third hand), who got it from the horse's mouth (fourth hand information). So it's bound to be 100% true, right???

My suspicion, if it's true at all, is that it might have been an audition or something. I really don't think they've started filming already.

But it's kinda exciting to think it might have begun, isn't it?

  - Jack M, spreading a few more rumours before the end of the year... :)


  1. Well, I really doubt they have started filming, not even test screenings I would say.
    But is always interesting to know that they really are moving on with this.

    I learned about some small gossip the other day, when a friend of mine was talking with this guy who was supposed to be a location spout (is that the right term?) for the movie. He was alone with his camera and his itinerary was basically Queenstown area and Fiordland.

  2. Well , it's all just getting too exciting for words!!!
    My big question is ; do you think that they will make the animals(like the ponies) at Beorns' House walk upright like described in the book , or as natural animals.....
    No I don't want to be a little pony....
    Love , your sis.

  3. I think it could be a casting shoot...

  4. Nicolas:

    I think the test screenings may have started already, and certainly they'll have been doing preparations with makeup and costumes, etc.

    Hey, do you have any more info on the Queenstown Location Scout? Was he working on The Hobbit, do you know?

    - Jack

  5. Elmtree : I suspect the animals won't behave in a "children's book" kind of way, but more "LOTR" realistically. It's a good point though - what will they change from the book? What will they add, and remove?


    You could be right on that, actually. Sounds pretty likely at this stage.

    - Jack