Sunday, 25 November 2012

Hobbit Party Week is here!

Here is a quick update on all the Hobbit parties I'm aware of - this is no doubt a non-exhaustive list but will give you some idea of how tired we will be on December the 2nd (so, more of an exhausting list)...

First up is the Hobbit Artisan Market, which will go from Saturday November 24th to Wednesday 28th, so, Premiere Day. I managed to get to it briefly on Saturday late afternoon after a tour finished earlier than usual (cruiseship tour), and it was a lot of fun. If you haven't been to it yet, go as soon as you can - apart from anything else, they're selling the special Hobbit 3D glasses (in the Dwarven style), which will not be produced again.

Also a sight to behold is the phenomenally cool dragon by Kim Beaton, in the very last stand at the end of the market. The dragon weighs 3 tons, apparently! It looks amazingly lifelike, especially considering it's made from moldable "flexible" concrete.

The next party is of course the Hobbit Premiere Tour Costume Party, organised by Red Carpet Tours and Tickets are still available (although not cheap), and discounts are now being given to students with valid ID. The costume party will start at 7:30pm on Monday the 26th. We will be attending - our costumes are all ready!

On Tuesday the 27th, the Wellington Youth Hostel will host its own Red Carpet Party. Tickets are a lot more reasonably priced there, and a prize will be given to the best costume. I'm in! This costume has a one week rental! I'm expecting the Middle-Earth News Network Tour attendees to be there, but please, everyone else also turn up to the Welsh Dragon Bar that night!

On Wednesday of course, the Official Red Carpet Walk itself will be held, and that will take the better part of the late afternoon and early evening. Pre-carpet entertainment will begin at 3:00pm, and the stars will begin to arrive at 4:30pm or so.

Before that though, early morning at 7:45am, I will be giving an interview to TV3, which should be aired on Breakfast TV at around 8:15am. Very exciting for nobody except myself, I'm sure!

At 10:00am, of course, the New Zealand Tolkien Smial will have its official Second Breakfast, beside the red carpet, underneath the Tripod in Courtenay Place (opposite the Embassy Theatre). TVNZ will be there to join us for a bit as well, so that might be quite fun. Come one, come all, and you're still wearing a costume from an earlier party, please don't be shy! It's "bring-a-plate", so don't show up empty handed please!

In the evening there's a secret party for Hobbit extras, but I can't confirm where that's being held, so good luck finding it!

Next, on Thursday the 29th, the Weta Collectors Forum "Shadow & Glame" is having an Afternoon Tea at 4:00pm at the Roxy Cinema in Miramar. That will be a nice time to catch up with some other old friends as well. I don't have a proper link to this party, except for a picture invite - does anyone have more info?

Finally, on Friday and Saturday night (Nov 30, and Dec 1), we will be going to a another very special event - a Middle-earth themed Burlesque Cabaret called "Bare and Back Again". Should be a ton of R18 fun!

So, which events will you be attending? Leave me a note! I'm intending to go to all of them - sleep is for the weak!


  1. I will be going to the Red Carpet Tour party tonight and to the Second Breakfast on Wednesday morning and the premiere action in the afternoon, of course. And tomorrow I will try to make some time for the Artisan Market - I have to get a pair of those 3D glasses :-)

    1. I think I know who this commenter was - did I meet you on the day? And did you come up from the South Island?

  2. We want a comment on the film Jack! You lucky boy!!
    Check my pictures of a dozen hobbits here;
    Very nice costuming touches.

    1. Hehe... I can't comment on the film until the Press Embargo is lifted, sorry! But suffice to say it was amazing, and I REALLY enjoyed the 3D (anyone who's heard me rant against 3D will be amazed by that statement). The story was really well told. Lots of action, and a worthy part of the saga. I can't wait to see it again.

      Actually, I can't wait to see all three movies in a single day.

      No, all six.

  3. What's New in Wellywood, It's been Very Quiet since the Big Party.

    Fiordland Got a Bonus scene in the Unexpected Journey anyway... and one shot that looks like a link back to the forgotten Silver Days : )

  4. Heya Odentroll! Which scenes were from Fiordland?

    And yes, you're right, things have gone a bit quiet - at least, I've been too busy to blog much lately. Working long days, and lots of them. The whole world is coming to see Middle-earth again, and I'm trying to get them all to Rivendell... :)

    - Jack