Monday, 11 April 2011

Gimli to visit PJ's studios today

I heard from a friend who attended John Rhys-Davies' presentation at Wellington's fantasy convention Armageddon yesterday that John is planning a visit to Peter Jackson's studios today.

It was unclear if he would be there on official business or if it is merely a social visit.

Is there hope for Gimli's visit after all?

- Posted from the field by Jack M.


  1. As he had said:


  2. That's a few years old now - only a few days ago he said he regretted saying "no".

    Also that he has offered to be a "dwarf advisor", and potentially that he may revisit the issue one more time now that there is new types of prosthetic glues around that his skin may be able to cope with.

    All hope is not lost!

  3. That's good!
    Thanks for pointing out Jack: I really hope that he will change his mind!
    And greetings for your wonderful blog, you're doing a fantastic job!



    by the way: do you know what happened to Garrett from

  4. Thanks for the kind words, Claudio.

    I've not heard very much from Garrett, no, much to my distress. Apparently he's gone back to the States for a short visit due to a crisis that I know nothing else about.

    I heard briefly from him a couple of weeks ago but he's not responded to any mail since then.

    Garrett, if you're reading this, drop me a line to reassure us you're doing ok?

    - Jack