Monday, 10 January 2011

Coffee meetup in Wellington

The new year is underway, the Hobbit movie is about to get exciting, and I think it's time to have a coffee!

I'm going to be at Floriditas Cafe in Cuba Street (Wellington) on Sunday the 16th of January at 2:00pm, for a coffee - if anyone is keen to meet up, please join me there! I don't have any amazing announcements to make - but maybe by then I will - who knows?

I do have a couple of cool projects on the burner at the moment, some of them Hobbit related, some of them not so much. Come and join me for some sunday afternoon conversation; if nothing else, Floriditas do great coffee!

 Cappuccino at Floriditas

  - Jack


  1. Hi Jack

    I'm Kate from Sydney and was reading the info you posted about extras needed for the new Hobbit film. I know it would be best to hire locals (especially as extras), but I was wondering exactly what I need to do in order to have a chance at this. If I was selected (highly unlikely) I would jump on the next flight out to NZ no hesitations!

    Hope to hear from you, wish I was in NZ.

    Thanks :)

  2. Kate,

    The best chance you would have to get in would be to live locally. Sorry to dampen your hopes but if they're looking for hundreds of extras at any stage, they're not going to be wanting to wait around in the hope that people arrive from other countries.

    Currently has been reporting casting calls all around the country, so when they need extras, they will all be local to whatever set they need them to be close to.

    On the other hand - if you're in Sydney, then you wouldn't need a visa to work in NZ. Have you conidered coming to live in NZ for a few years? That would certainly boost your chances (although there's never any guarantees, of course).

    Good luck, in any case!

    - Jack