Sunday, 4 July 2010

Sir Ian McKellen's time is running out...

(caution : rant ahead)

Sir Ian is currently in New Zealand performing Waiting For Godot, and was tonight interviewed on TV... he talks about various theatre related before the interviewer asks him about The Hobbit. The interview has been posted on TV NZ's Youtube account

Round about 5:54 into the clip, he is asked about delays in filming, at which he says that he has other things he wants to plan as well, implying that the studios had better get a move on if they want this movie to be a reality.

Ok, so we lost a terrific director already - or rather, we've already lost two. Originally Peter Jackson might have said "yes" if he hadn't been screwed passed over by Newline Cinema. After all the legal dust had settled, Peter was busy making other movies. So, Guillermo del Toro came aboard. In the meantime a new problem has arisen, with MGM going down the gurgler. Del Toro walks, after hanging on for far longer than I would have.

In the meantime, Wellington has been quietly preparing to start on the production, with or without funding. Peter has famously approached only one person to be recast (verifiably, anyway) - Sir Ian McKellen. He was supposed to be here in March 2010, then April, then July, now November, and probably January 2011 soon. He is now also starting to make leaving noises though.

My question to MGM and their the stockholders - are you really this blind, deaf and plain dumb that you're hanging out for a few hundred million, when we all know this movie will make so much more, providing (and this is the kicker) you actually get started ASAP? The longer you wait, the less The Hobbit will make, because it will suck, and the fans will walk away. The people at the top are walking, why wouldn't we fans as well? Giving MGM debt extension after debt extension is a complete waste of time if they don't actually start making The Hobbit. You've already lost James Bond - what else do you have on the horizon that would warrant the continued mucking around?

MGM needs a shakeup. I'm obviously sympathetic to people in trouble, but I find it hard to think of "people who owe billions of dollars" as "people who worry were their next meal is coming from". Get on with it already - and if you just can't, then sell up and let someone else do the job already!

We're tired of waiting.

  - Jack M.


  1. Yes, this is completely ridiculous. These legal and financial issues are constraining this wonderful piece of art from being created. I cannot blame either Guillermo or Sir Ian for not willing to wait so long, but it is truly a disgusting shame that such circumstances are forcing them to decide so.

  2. You said it Jack. How the heck can a damn studio get in $4 billion in debt and still have the b*lls to ask for SIX extensions to pay back when:

    1. They aren't doing anything to bring in the money to pay the debt, and

    2. The extra time they're asking for only compounds the interest on the already bloated debt.


    - Earl.

  3. Ugh! I'm so behind I thought Del Toro was still doing it! RAWR!! They'd better get a move on!

  4. This is turning into a complete fiasco. At this rate I'll be pushing up the daisies before 'The Hobbit' gets made.

  5. In the meantime it looks like they've been approved for their 6th debt extension, so there's no rush for them to do anything before September. *sigh*.... in the meantime Peter Jackson is apparently going full steam ahead, completely disregarding the lack of green light.

    The more I learn about Peter Jackson, the more respect I have for him. Sometimes you just have to hang the rules, and get on with the job. The red tape will come later.

    - Jack M.

    PS - Ruth, you're only a young thing, aren't you? Let's put it into perspective:

    - Sir Ian McKellen is 71, still working and travelling.

    - Sir Ian Holm, about to turn 71 as well, still working and travelling.

    - Sir Christopher Lee is 88, and still going strong, in fact has seven films coing out this year and next year.

    - Christopher Tolkien is 86, still going strong. Has just recently learned a bunch of computer skills.

    Hey Ruth, if you time your next NZ holiday right, you'll be here while they're filming... you could be a hobbit yet... :)