Monday, 30 November 2009

John Howe autograph session at the Weta Cave Sunday Dec 6th

It looks like John Howe is taking a day away from designing Smaug the Magnificent, and will be releasing his new books, Lost Worlds and Fantasy Drawing Workshop, at the Weta Cave next Sunday. He'll be autographing them for all comers from 1:00pm onwards, until about 3:00pm.

If the session is anything like last time though, it may well last a bit longer - John Howe is a very popular artist these days so if you want to meet this amazing man, be sure to arrive early rather than late!

If you have other books with his illustrations in them, bring them along, he signed my collection of Middle-earth maps last time (thanks again Mr Howe!). In fact I expected him to sign the inside cover but he signed all the maps individually!

For more information on John Howe, check out his IMDB page, or else the Weta Workshop website has more details as well.

As an aside, since I'm often in a postition to buy cool stuff that may not be available online, would anyone outside of the Wellington region be interested in me buying for them, and passing it on for a nominal fee (to cover things like packing and shipping)?

For instance, the Weta Cave is unable to send some LOTR related items to other countries for licensing reasons, however I could buy from them as a normal customer and send them on.

Leave me a note here if there is a general interest? I'm sure I can find some sort of mechanism to facilitate it, eg, PayPal or something.

  - Jack


  1. He's DESIGNING smaug?
    As in, designing it for the MOVIE?

  2. @Celtic Traveler:

    That's the gist of it, yeah...

    Of course, he's already designed it for various book covers, and Weta is currently selling the bronze and faux-bronze versions of that, so my expectation is that the final design will look much like that...

    I just want to apologise if it all goes belly-up - my fault, probably:

    When I met him at his last book signing, I approached him with the question "how does it feel to be in charge of designing this decade's most anticipated creature?", to which he replied, looking slightly non-plussed, "I never thought about it like that, that's a pretty daunting thought!"... oops... hope I didn't ladle the pressure on too thickly there!

    - Jack