Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Poll 2 - The results for the second poll are here...

Voting for the second poll has closed, and the results are interesting.

Recently I've managed to watch a preview of the new James Cameron movie Avatar, due to be released in December this year. The movie was in 3D, which the industry is raving about, and nobody else is, it seems. I did publish my thoughts about it at the time - as you can see, I'm not a big fan of 3D.

It occurred to me that I might not be the only one - so I thought I'd get a quick survey out to find out what y'all think about it, and I'm very pleased with the results - both in number of people voting, as well as the actual answers provided. I want to thank everyone who took the time to click on the poll. It's only a second of your time but I do read the results - if nothing else it shows me that someone's actually reading this blog!

The question was: 
The best format for The Hobbit movie would be:

And 110 people answered it, with the following results:

12 (11%) - IMAX
01 (01%) - 3D
13 (12%) - IMAX and 3D
84 (76%) - same as LOTR, of course

So more than three quarters of you just want the movie in the same format as the LOTR was - widescreen, surround sound, 2D. The easiest format to reproduce at home on DVD or BluRay.

Just under a quarter (23%) of you want IMAX, and approximately half of those also want it in 3D. I'm guessing that if you're going to play with the normal widescreen format, let's go all the way and extend it in front of the screen as well.

The best result of all was though (and I'm disregarding the IMAX+3D segment), is:


I guess James Cameron must have voted then. Hi James.

I'm kinda hoping Guillermo del Toro is reading this blog too, of course, although he has already reassured everybody that 3D is not even being discussed. If I was a lawyer I might question the potential ambiguity of that statement, but I'm just a hopeful fan, so I think there's no more need to panic - the Hobbit will be in 2D, as it should be.

GdT, if you're reading this, please leave a confirmation that I've read this correctly?

- Jack M.


  1. I have an opinion about Cameron's "Avatar": it's a story born to be directed in 3D. Without 3D is a story like others, with nothing different.

    The Hobbit, in my opinion, cannot be directed in 3D just because there is no need. That's why I voted for the normal format.

    I think that even Cameron himself wants to see a normal Hobbit!!!

    P.S.: I know, my english is so bad... I hope you understand my thoughts...

  2. @Alan Grant :

    First of all, your English is near-perfect, so don't worry about that!

    I hope you're right about everyone wanting 2D Hobbit movies. Unfortunately, the signals I'm getting from people in the industry is that in five years, almost all movies will be done in 3D. At least, according to the projects on Weta Digital's slate.

    I'm sincerely hoping they're wrong.

    - Jack M.

  3. The reason the "industry" wants 3D is because the movie studios think they can get bigger receipts at the box office, I think. In fact, they charge $3 to $5 more here in the US for 3D or even IMAX movies.

    The so-called IMAX movies are another rip-off. The two IMAX theaters I've been in were just not that impressive. Definitely not worth the higher price of a ticket.

    The thought of watching ALL movies in 3D makes me sick. I really dislike 3D movies. If the studios make them all in 3D, here's one movie fan who will be one no longer.